First Month...check

One month can go by so fast.

It makes me feel like I have no time at all.  How do you gauge how you're using your time?  How do you gauge how you think about time?  There was a time in my life where I thought in hours, minutes, seconds...and I got so much accomplished because I felt that my time was so valuable.  Then there was a time when I thought in days, weeks, months...and I was literally floating through the universe.  

What's your relationship with time?

I treat time with the utmost respect.  I wake up early so I can enjoy breakfast, get ahead on some work, or read my daily fill of design news, news, scriptures, or the funnies.  I relax while I lunch to decompress the first half of the day.  I (attempt to) block off portions of the day for specific work so I can give it its due time and effort.  I enjoy my little dinner in studio and get back to work right after if I don't take a break to go box.  Out of all the measurements of life, time is the greatest.  

By greatest I mean the most telling, it contains the most information, and sometimes it even transcends itself.  

That moment was timeless. - jK

I know we have heard that a million times.  In my quest to make time king, I've realized I want to transcend time through emotion.  

You can spend hours laboring, but if you're not happy, you can't get that time back.

You just can't get it back.  So no matter what I have to do, who I have to see, or my perception of my situation, I am happy.  Because I don't want to look back and wish I had those years back.  As much as I use cmd + Z in my school work, I cannot cmd + Z my life.  I want to be happy in the time that I have...all the time...everytime...instead of being so stressed about how I am using my time and what I am getting done.

When I began to value time so much so that I stopped procrastinating, I became the most happy and productive person alive.  My love for self increased exponentially. - JK

Value every day, hour, and minute you have...

because the thing about life's measured in gratefulness.  


I am so grateful for this past month - let's have a recap:

Aug. 10 - began the move to Raleigh, NC 

Aug. 13 - moved into my apartment

Aug. 19 - began graduate school

Aug. 23 - found an awesome church home

Aug. 24 - started boxing with my cousin

Aug. 26 - became Head of Hair & Make-up for Art2Wear

Sep. 3 - verbally committed to research next semester

Sep. 4-7 - Made In America and NYC with my best friends, cousins, and brother

Sep. 11 - made a friend pursuing her PhD...I'm not so alone now.

I have a lot of work to do to top this next month.  Leggo shawt.