Become A Librarian

Sometimes I joke to myself wondering why I've paid for school...for someone or some people to teach me stuff, when I could just google it, or youtube it, or check out a book on whatever the subject may be.  There is an abundance of resources...scratch that, TOO many resources, available at our fingertips.  Information is pulled from primary, secondary, and tertiary sources, others are made up, some content is created by your average person like me, and it's just so hard to know what is helpful, what is real, what is necessary, and what is plain crap.  So at the end of the conversation to myself, I've decided that I've paid people to point me in the direction of the correct resources, because you can get stuck in a rabbit hole trying to find what you need.

With that in mind, I realized that I was not taking advantage of any of the resources I had.  The extent of my research would be one to three words in a google search bar.  I was not even scratching the surface of what was available.  So I decided to meet with a librarian to teach me how to actually research.  I figured all these books aren't filled with nothing.  

I spent an hour with our Librarian and it was not enough.

Have you heard of microfiche?  Microform?  WorldCAT?  Triangle Libraries?  (Well, maybe not Triangle Libraries since that is unique to NCSU, UNC, Duke, and NCCU)  ARTstor?  Thesis Databases?  Patent Databases?  If you have, you're way ahead of me -insert crying laughing emoji here-  I feel like the world just opened it's doors to me.  Being smart is a thing of the past...resourceful is the new smart.  Become a librarian.